22 February, 2009

Something I made on Adobe Flash

Look's like SOMEBODY, a.k.a Izzy, has turned into an Alien in Adobe Flash. I am learning to do Flash programming, and I made this with a little Alien dude at first with the help of a Flash book, then I changed the head into a picture of Izzy. It was a lot more complicated than it sounds, though. I hope Izzy still knows she didn't come from outer space.

19 February, 2009

Mikey the bobble head and Izzy in the crack

Heh heh! Mikey is acting like a bobble head. If you just touch him lightly on the head, he will just bob his head up and down a few times. He's silly. Izzy is too. Earlier she was sitting in the "crack" in between the two ottomans, like in the picture above.

Kittehs are such great companions

Cats are wonderful animals, wouldn't you agree? They really make great friends, and not to mention therapists. For example, a few minutes ago, Izzy mewed really loud in the other room, and peeked out from behind the wall and had this worried look on her face, like "where's meowma?" ("meowma" is what I call myself in the kitty world.) Then, she came around the corner to find me sitting on the couch, and did her happy meow, which to me sounds a little bit like "merrrrr-mowwwww-ahhhh?" Then she jumped up on to the couch and started purring and rubbing against me. They really are amazingly sweet, aren't they?

Mikey knows pie

Have I ever told you about my pie disease? It's severe. I can't stop saying pie! I think everything is made of pie (well, not exactly, but I do have these "pie 'blow off my head' moments") . Anyway, I guess Mikey knows pie. I was having one of my "pie 'blow off my head' moments" while I was eating dinner, and Mikey jumped up on the counter and started swirling his head in circles as if he was saying "Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie" and then freaked out as if he was saying "OMG EVERYTHING IS SO PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Heh. Well that's Mikey for ya. Oh and up above is a Christmas version of Mikey. We took this picture on Christmas day, when Mikey had found and stolen a bow from one of the presents (I think the gift it came from was actually for Mikey and Izzy!) . He was doing the same with wrapping paper, as you can see in the picture above the bow one. Silly kittehs.

18 February, 2009

More random pics

Here's some more random pics from the "photo shoot" last night.


Here's some pictures from the "Photo Shoot" last night of the kittehs.

Oh, Mikey

Mikey woke me up again this morning. He came and jumped up on the bed, and started purring and blowing in my ear. He must have heard my alarm clock. He's so funny. He does that almost every time I set the alarm clock. The picture here on the right is of a typical Mikey moment on the kitty condo. I love that adorable little white half mustache he has on his, er, lip? He always slightly hangs his paws off the kitty condo like in this picture. Oh, and there they go, Mikey chasing Izzy down the hall, Izzy trying to run away..... typical.

17 February, 2009


Well, Izzy's gone wack again. 3 minutes ago, she stood up like a meerkat and fiddled with her collar like a maniac and fell over. Then she hopped on to the table and started drinking water out of my water glass. Silly kittehs.

Pics Rule!!!!!!

Pics rule!!!!!! That's why I'm giving you some.

Welcome to Kitteh Newz!

Welcome to Kitteh Newz! This is where I post Newz, pictures, stories, etc. about my kittehs, Izzy and Mikey. Have fun exploring here!

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