25 December, 2009

Things Mikey got for Catmas

1.  A letter, from Meowma
2.  Homemade pipe cleaner toys, from Meowma
3.  A gift card to Petsmart, from Great Grandpaw and Great Grameow
4.  A black collar with with silvery moons and stars on it, from Meowma

Things Izzy got for Catmas

1.  A letter, from Meowma
2.  Homemade pipe cleaner toys
3.  A gift card to Petsmart, from Great Grandpaw and Great Grameow
4.  A pink collar with silver flowers on it, from Meowma

What Izzy and Mikey got for Catmas, to share

1.  Two crinkle catnip toys, from: Meowma
2.  A remote-controlled mouse toy, from: Holly and Hannah (friends of M&I)
3.  Picnic Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
4.  Original Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
5.  Pull-string mouse toy, from:  Opie (friend of M&I)
6.  Bell balls, from: Opie
7.  Bell balls, from: Meowma
8.  Play box, from: Meowma + Grameow
9.  Mixed Grill Crunch Party Mix, from: Meowma
10.  BOLT laser toy

MERRY CATMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas/Catmas/Dogmas, etc.!  What did you/your pets get?  I got a couple I Can Has Cheezburger buttons, I Can Has Cheezburger's Magic Cheezburger, a cat calender, cat beads, LOLspeak t-shirts, violin t-shirts (I play the violin), a new violin, sketching pencils, a jewelery stand, an iPod Touch, a few programming/Photoshop books... well, a lot of loot.  We'll let Mikey and Izzy tell you what they got in a later post.  Oh, and here's a Daily Caught the Moment, above.  That's a picture of Mikey squeezing Izzy.  This is a Caught the Moment because you can see Mikey kicking Izzy, and stuff like that.

23 December, 2009

Daily Caught the Moment

Hi there photo-lovers!  I'm going to do something awesome.  Every day (or at least I'll try to do it every day lol), I will post a "Caught the Moment" photograph of Mikey and/or Izzy.  A "Caught the Moment" pic is a photo that captured a funny, amazing, etc. moment.  Like... I have one of Mikey licking his nose, lol.  So... why don't I start today?

Thank You Google!

I just wanted to thank all the great people behind Google.  Google's blogging website, Blogger, is what powers The Kitteh Newz.  I really enjoy their mail system, Gmail.  Google Apps allowed me to get "" at the end of my email address, and some other secret stuff that I'll announce later.  

Oh, and did I forget to mention that tomorrow is Catmas Eve?   M&I's Grameow has showed me the Catmas Tree over Skype (I'm with their Grandpaw right now), and under it are lots of presents!  I do love my Skype.  Skype is epic.  Epicly epic.  Even though Epicly isn't a word.  EPICLY EPIC JUST SOUNDS SO...  EPICLY EPIC!



13 December, 2009

Fun Pictures + Catmas Facts!

Mikey and Izzy currently have the most presents under the Christmas tree.

Mikey likes stealing gifts from under the tree.

Only 11 days till Santa Paws comes down the chimney! (we don't have a chimney... so... uh, through the wall? I am puzzled)

We're getting a new couch!  Woohoo!

We have a squirt bottle sitting under the tree for any kitties trying to get on the naughty list. (chewing branchings, batting ornaments, etc.)

There are ten gifts under our tree: one for M&I's Grameow, seven for Mikey and Izzy, one for just Izzy, and one for just Mikey.

There are four stockings on the wall: mine, Grameow's, Mikey's, and Izzy's.

The tree lights are turned on as I write this.  (OK, maybe that's not very fascinating.) 

I have made many Catmas-colored toys for my fuzzy babies -  I made a red and green candy cane-shaped pipe cleaner toy that Izzy adores.

Mikey just fell off the kitty condo -- don't worry, he landed on his paws.  (But it was a high fall: from the third level! [I guess this isn't very Catmas-y, but whatever)

Maybe I should start telling you about these photos.

On top is Izzy looking out the window.

Next is Mikey asking for belly rubs.
The third one:  Mikey's got his dangle toy.

Fourth, Mikeymikes is sitting on his food mat.

In the fifth picture there, Mikey is trying to convince us how tasty fur-cookies might be.  (We baked cookies, and Mikey wanted to see them too!)

Next, there's my Mikey baby, stealing some beads from my jewelry table.


Hey, in the comments section, tell me what you're celebrating! Catmas, Dogmas, Ferretmas, Birdmas, Fishmas, etc.! 

See you next time!


Ohmehgosh TIE!!!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  I've been soooo busy with Christmas Catmas stuff.  Sending cards, writing letters, stuffing stockings, buying and wrapping gifts, etc.  This year Izzy and Mikey get their own stockings.  But ANYWAY...... 

Izzy's Witch
  3 (50%)
Mikey's Little Red Napping Hood
  3 (50%)

So... you see that.  Tie.  Again.  The Meow-o-ween (yes, I know it's Catmas now =P) battle for best costume still continue

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