19 February, 2009

Mikey knows pie

Have I ever told you about my pie disease? It's severe. I can't stop saying pie! I think everything is made of pie (well, not exactly, but I do have these "pie 'blow off my head' moments") . Anyway, I guess Mikey knows pie. I was having one of my "pie 'blow off my head' moments" while I was eating dinner, and Mikey jumped up on the counter and started swirling his head in circles as if he was saying "Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie" and then freaked out as if he was saying "OMG EVERYTHING IS SO PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Heh. Well that's Mikey for ya. Oh and up above is a Christmas version of Mikey. We took this picture on Christmas day, when Mikey had found and stolen a bow from one of the presents (I think the gift it came from was actually for Mikey and Izzy!) . He was doing the same with wrapping paper, as you can see in the picture above the bow one. Silly kittehs.

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