25 February, 2010

Meowma can haz HORSIEZ!

Hai!  IT'S MEEEEOWMA!!!!!  Last month, I started horseback riding!  I planned to post something about it, but I never did!  This is Louie, the little pony I started riding. (above)  Then he threw off one of my friends.  Then he threw off another one of my friends.. and she broke her... um, shoulder or something.  So, Louie's kind of, well -- crazy.  So the next week I started riding Punk'n.  Both of my friends who got thrown off ride Punk'n, and they said he was a very calm horse -- which he is!

14 February, 2010

Happeh Meowentine's Day!

Hi!  Happy Valentine's Meowentine's Day!  I hope you and your Valentine Meowentine spend lots of extra time with each other.  Don't forget some chocolates Party Mix and a card chewed up paper.  Take them out to dinner - have some delicious soup Fancy Feast, maybe some salad Purina dry food on the side.  Get them a special present - maybe some candles catnip, or a new chess board mouse toy.  Maybe if you're not on the East Coast like me, you still have some time to go to the carnival  Petsmart.

11 February, 2010

Happeh Erlee Meowentine's Day!

Hai!  IT'S MEOWMA!  Did you MISS ME?????????????  Sorry I have not posted in a while!  So busy...

Happy early Meowentine's Day!  Who's your kitty's meowentine?

"Mikey and that spotty kitty sitting on a cat tree... G-r-o-o-m-i-n-g," Izzy teased.  "I didn't even MEET that tortoiseshell girl at the shelter!  Meowma only told me about her," Mikey defended.  Izzy laughed and jumped down from the bed.  "Come get me.... you know you wanna sniff mah booty!"  Mikey growled and stumbled down the blankets.  His claws clattered against the hardwood floor as he raced towards his brown tabby sister.  He ran into Grameow's bedroom and pounced at Izzy's tail.  Izzy whipped around and thrashed her claws.  Mikey lied on the ground, his eyes wide and tail thumping.  "OK, OK, I admit, that tortoiseshell was pretty and seemed really nice!  AND YES, I LIKE HER!  STOP ATTACKING ME NOW!"  He ran under the bed, only his muzzle sticking out.  "Who's your meowentine?" he whimpered.   Izzy purred and rubbed against Mikey's whiskers.  "I know meowentines aren't usually within families," she mewled, "but... you're my meowentine."  Mikey felt a warm brush of love waft through his heart.   "You know," he mrrowed, "You're... you're... you're my meowentine too."

Aww... a love story.

Bye!  Gotta go PWN Grameow in chess!  Let's see how much mah chess class has paid offz...


25 January, 2010

Mikey and Izzy Get BATHS!!!!!!!


OK, so you're probably wondering, "What the heck are these Kittehs doin, gettin baffs?"  Yeah.  I wondered the same thing when I was washing Mikey.  And Izzy.  So, um, yeah.

For Mikey's Bath:

1.  Get a washcloth
2. Wet the washcloth
3. Find Mikey on the counter he's not allowed on
4. Ignore the counter problem and wet Mikey down with the washcloth
5. Follow Mikey to my office room
6. Wet Mikey more
7. Pick Mikey up and bring him to the bathroom
8. Close the bathroom door
9. Wet the washcloth more, stroke Mikey with it
10. Get another washcloth
11. Dry Mikey with the washcloth
12. Try to open the door with out Mikey running out
13. Walk Run past Izzy to the entertainment center
14. Get the flea comb out of the cabinet
15. Go back to the bathroom
16.  Brush Mikey
17.  Open door
18.  Watch Mikey run out of the room

Izzy's was pretty similar.  Except it started with me chasing her around the house.  She was playing the Table Game with me: goes under the dining room table where I can't get to her, runs to the library room table and goes under, and continued that until she ran into the guest room and got on the headboard.  Then I picked her up and brought her to the bathroom.



09 January, 2010

Happy Mew Year!

Happy MEW year to all of you! 

Sorry I haven't posted in, like, forever!  First came Catmas.  Then a party.  Then New Mew Year's Eve - and the family.  My grandparents, aunt, uncle, and two cousins came.  I was SHOCKED when Izzy let my 3 1/2-year-old cousin pet her.  My 10-month-old cousin ADORED Mikey, and would follow him from room to room.  However, Mikey kept safe.  He can run faster than my cousin can crawl.  If my cousin was crying, I would go find Mikey.  When I would hold Mikey in my arms and bring him up to my cousin, the crying would instantly turn into smiles and giggles, as Mikey tried to squirm away from the little hands pulling at his fur and smushing his ears.

Happy Mew Year.  Hope your holiday season went well, and have a wonderful 2010!

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