27 May, 2009

Regal Mikey

Meet the Kitteh Boy I know best, Mikey. You've done that before. But have you met REGAL Mikey? These are pics of Mikey on the counter being himself. He was doing the Leg Thing, as well as the crossed paws and "Huhhhhhh whatcha talkin bout" look.

17 May, 2009

What do your pets eat?

What do your pets eat?

Mikey and Izzy eat:

Dry food-Chicken flavored Purina One adult weight management

Wet Food-Fancy Feast, usually gourmet chicken, roasted chicken, or chunky chicken, but sometimes turkey and giblets or roasted beef

Treats-Friskies Party Mix (thank you Holly and Hannah)

So tell me what your pets eat in the comments section, and we can compare the chomps!

Dear Grameow-A Letter From Mikey And Izzy

This is a letter that Mikey and Izzy wrote to their Grameow (my mom):

Dear Grameow,

You know that book that Meowma has called something like the "Devus Book 4 cats"?  Sorry if we got the name wrong, we cats aren't that great at spelling English.  Anyway, pretty please with frozen yogurt and peanuts on top, tell Meowma that everything in that book IS true, and that it WAS written by Fluffy and Bonkers, and that there was NO hooman help at all whatsoever.  Also, remind yourself that it is not necessary to scream like a qwerty uiop asd fghjkl zxcvb nm when you open up Meowma's Kitteh Newz blog and find 2 cats commenting on her "book recommendation" post.  Here are a few kitty laws that you hoomans may not understand or follow or maybe not even know about, anyway here they r:

1. On a computer game called Club Penguin, you WILL get paid for being a Tour Guide or Secret Agent, starting in May.

2. Also on Club Penguin, you put stuff in/on things by using the up/down arrow keys.

3. If a snail climbs up a 30 inch wall and climbs 5 in. per day but slips 4 in. per night, it will reach the top on day 26.

4. If your approx. 5-6 week old kitten seems to be eating a lot, it is probably just growing.

5. If you cannot tell how old your kitten is, you should ask a vet, or just guess if you really have to.

6. If you cannot log into Webkinz, try waiting a few minutes, and see if that works.

7. If you are trying to decide between an iPod or an iPod  Touch, you should get an iPod if you like to listen to music a lot, but an iPod Touch if you like on-the-go web surfing and stuff.

Sources of these laws:  Watching Meowma look back on her answers to questions on Yahoo! Answers.

Please Grameow, we beg you, please remember that it is NOT necessary to go screaming like a qwerty uiop asd fghjkl zxcvb nm.  Us kitties, our ears are MUCH more sensitive than your lazy hooman ears.

With big treat-rewarding "Overs" and "Skinny Tunnels",

Your grandkittens,

Mikey and Izzy 

12 May, 2009

Q Of The Day: Do Your Pets Have Hiding Spots?

Do your pets have hiding spots?  Mustache-man (Mikey) and Cookie (Izzy) sure do.

Mikey's 3 favorite hiding spots:  Behind the leather chair, under the dining room table, and behind the couch.

Izzy's 3 favorite hiding spots: Under the guest bed, behind curtains, and blending in with the covers on Grameow's bed.

So let me know in the comment section: do your pets have hiding spots?

Let me know,

11 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 4: Guest Room

Welcome to another episode of Room Tours.  Today we will be wandering about in the Guest Room.

The Kittehs adore the guest room.  It has the guest bed, 2 windows, a side table, and a lamp.

Izzy loves to sleep on and under the guest bed, and Mikey loves to play and sleep on it.

Izzy is able to get up high, so she can get on the windowsill that doesn't have anything underneath it.  Mikey needs the help of the bed to get on the other one.  They like to sit on the headboard and look out the window.

The don't do much on the side table, except for sometimes Mikey plays with the lamp, since it is one of those lamps with a bead string thingy to pull to turn it on.

Hair balls...

Hello!  Welcome back to Kitteh Newz.

Today's Question-Have you ever seen your cat do a hair ball?  Let me know in the comments section.

This morning, we noticed Izzy was gagging a little bit.  We followed her, and sure enough, there was a hair ball.   Then I found Mikey eating something.  It was a hair ball.  Then I noticed ANOTHER one by the guest room!  

So let me know-Have YOU ever seen your cat's hair balls?

10 May, 2009

Mikey Goes Up High

Man, is Mikey a furball of surprises. On Friday, we rearranged the living room and put the leather chair in the corner, next to the entertainment stand. I was looking at my pictures on iPhoto and using one of the ottomans for a foot rest. Mikey got up on the foot rest and was curiously staring at the entertainment stand. He got on the chair arm and put his paws on the side of the stand. He got back on the ottoman and (drum roll please)... JUMPED UP ONTO THE ENTERTAINMENT STAND, YES HE DID!!! All four of us, me, Mikey, Izzy, and my mom, we so OMG, WHAT THE HECK?

Room Tours Part 3: Kitchen

Welcome back to Room Tours.  Today we will be exploring the Kitteh use of the Kitchen.

The Kitchen holds many prized possessions of Mikey and Izzy, including the counters, the stove, the counter/desk, the paper towels, water glasses (sometimes), and their food bowls.

Mikey adores the counters so much that I like to call them his "Mountain Top".  He'll just sit up there and plop himself down and watch over the house.  Adorable.

Mikey also enjoys the stove area.  For some reason, he only goes over there when and where it's not hot.  I guess he's smart and knows that it is hot, maybe.

Both Izzy and Mikey are very fond of the counter-desk.  It is part of the counter but it is a little shorter, we have a chair by it, and we call it the Kitchen Desk.  There's a window by it, which the Kittehs love to look out of.

I don't need to explain this very much:  Mikey loves to eat paper.  I don't know why.  But he does. ♥

Mikey (and sometimes Izzy) will often sniff-or even drink out of-water glasses.  Once, he got up on the counter and sniffed my water glass, and then decided it was time to lap it up.  Below is a picture of that exact time.

Since this morning,  I have fed them on the counter/desk because I read somewhere that cats feel safer eating up high.  They are free-fed, even though Mikey is getting a little round (I can edit this if you feel embarrassed, Mikey) and Izzy has a long-belly (I can edit this as well if YOU feel embarrassed, Izzy).  They have dry food and any left-overs of wet food left out the whole day.  My mom feeds them wet food whenever she wakes up (which on normal days is around 7 a.m.), unless I'm already up and fed them.  Then at 5 p.m. I feed them dinner.

Some More Kitteh Towers...

Here are some more Kitteh Towers I found on  Please vote as soon as possible!

Super Deluxe Kitteh Condo with Hammocks, Perches, Hiding Cone, and Ladder...

Smallish-Mediumish Kitteh Tower with Beds, Perches, 1 Hanging toy, and Hammock...

Tall Kitteh Tower with Perches, Hideout Corner Thingamajigger, and 1 Hanging Toy...

Tall Kitteh Tower with Perches, Hideout Thingamajigger, 2 Hanging Toys, and Hammock...

09 May, 2009

Your Votes Count

Welcome back to Kitteh Newz!  Mikey and Izzy's birthday is July 22nd, and I am trying to figure out what to buy them.  I know I am going to get them a new Kitteh Condo, a bigger one.  But I cannot decide which one to get!  I have been looking around lately.  Anyways, these are some of the Kitteh Condos I am considering.  In your comments, please tell me which one you think would be best.  Izzy loves to climb to high places and bat things, and Mikey loves to relax and sleep as well as batting and chasing things.

Tall Kitteh Perch Condo with hanging toy
Smallish Kitteh Perches with hanging toy

3 Kitteh Perches with 3-hole condo

Active super-entertaining Kitteh Gym with Perches and 2 hanging toys

08 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 2: Dining Room

Welcome to another episode of Room Tours!   Today we will take a look at the Dining Room.

The Dining Room includes the dining table, dining chairs, and a hutch.

Mikey and Izzy used to always play under the dining table.  They would jump through the decorative holes in the "legs",  and climb on the little wood line thingigugs.  They don't really go under there that much anymore, though.

Mikey loves laying on the dining chairs, he's actually sitting on one as I'm writing this post!  He's decorated some of the chairs with holes, unfortunately. 

Sometimes the Kittehs will knock over things on the very bottom shelf of the hutch, like drawings or decorative plates.

Awesome Pics

More awesome pics!

07 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 1: Living Room

Welcome episode 1 of Room Tours, where I tour the house and tell you what the Kittehs use it for.  This is episode 1, the Living Room.

The Living Room holds lots of fun for the kittehs.  It has the kitteh condo, the couch, the side table, the coffee table, the ottomans, the entertainment stand, and the comfy brown "sit-pillows (as I call them) ".  

Of course the kitteh condo is lots of fun to climb and relax on.  Izzy loves the kitteh condo during the day, and the ottoman "crack" in the evenings.  Mikey adores the kitteh condo so much, that almost every day we'll find a blob of his fur-even if we vacuumed!  They always get toys stuck under the entertainment stand, and sometimes Mikey will actually crawl under there to get it back.  Mikey and Izzy love laying on the couch, and Izzy especially likes the side pillows.  Mikey likes to plop himself on the side table, especially when a laptop had just been taken off and left a warm spot.  Izzy's main use of the coffee table is to bat pencils and stuff off the side.  They both like the ottomans.  Izzy likes the crack, whereas Mikey plops himself on the side.  When we adopted them, they used to LOVE the sit-pillows to lay on.  Now Mikey does it more than Izzy, which isn't very often.  They have lots of Living Room fun.

Human Cat Talkers

I just thought I would talk to you about something funny I keep realizing but never posted about it.  If you have pets, have you ever realized how you're often saying stuff like, "Oh, look at Max. He's like 'what the heck, I don' care 'bout you, freakeh peeps'" and all that stuff.  What I mean is, you're sorta trying to make it look like you know what they're trying to tell you.  For example, this is a little thingy my mom and I were doing yesterday (I was Mikey and Izzy and she was herself [Grameow]) :

Mikey:  Hey Grameow, whatcha doin?

Grameow:  Uh, just washing the dishes, nothing much.

Mikey:  Cool.  Hey, have you seen dat wittlle brown tigur ting?

Grameow:  You're talking about your sister.  No, I havent s-


Grameow:  Calm down Mikey, it's just your sister.

Mikey:  OHMAHGAWSHO IT IZ???????!!!! AI DON' BEELEEVE IT!  IT IZ!!!!!!!!

Izzy:  Oh, Mikey!  That hurts my ears badly!  I think my eardrums are gonna fall out!

Mikey:  I'll get you for calling me a fatso yesterday!

Grameow:  Hey, Izzy, Mikey?  Calm down!

(Dramatic pause [I mean paws, sorry] ...)


Grameow:  Why do you need to know?  Don't you like surprises?


Grameow:  I don't think so.  You're going to have to have a talk with Meowma.

Izzy:  Come ON!  He'z not gonna stop attacking me unless I tell him!

Grameow:  No, you're going to have to talk with Meowma about that.

Mikey:  She's so lyin about what I said!  I did not ask for the gift name!  And besides, she's the one attacking me!

Grameow:  Settle down, you guys!

Mikey:  ...

Izzy: ...

Grameow: ...

Mikey and Izzy (at the same time) : Hmph.

See how simple or complicated the Human Cat-Talking sessions can be?

06 May, 2009

Mikey the violinist

Alright, who's ready for something plain-old, downright cute?  Here it is:

I don't even have to explain how cute that is.♡☀.  Is it super cute? ✓✔☑!

Oh My Gosh... Wow, Mikey

Man, Mikey is a silly little Kitteh full of surprises!  You know how I told you about him putting his paws up on the ledge of the bathtub?  Well, he did that again last time I got in the bath.  But this time (drum roll please) ...
YES, HE ACTUALLY WENT IN THE TUB.  I was like so LOL'd.  He got up on the ledge, his whole body this time, and I'm not sure if he fell in, or jumped, or half of each... but he went in the tub this time.  It was almost like he bounced on the water and hopped out.  As I was wrapping him in a towel he had this horrified/super-scared look on his face.  We (meaning Izzy, Mikey, me, and my mom) were all like "Oh... my, gosh?!"  Super silly Kittehs!

05 May, 2009

Random Pics

I haven't had any Random Pics posts in a while, so I think it's time for one!  Drum roll please...

The "Cat Bat"

Hello again my readers!  Can you believe it's already the 5th of May?

Anyways, today I would like to tell you about the "cat-bat".  The cat bat is something hilarious Izzy does, where she curves her paw and shoots it in the air and slowly pulls it back and...  Well, why don't I just show you a picture to explain it?

And then she super quickly scoops her paw down and bats whatever with the tip of her paw and extremely quickly then pulls her paw back up.  It's soooo cute.

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