25 December, 2009

Things Mikey got for Catmas

1.  A letter, from Meowma
2.  Homemade pipe cleaner toys, from Meowma
3.  A gift card to Petsmart, from Great Grandpaw and Great Grameow
4.  A black collar with with silvery moons and stars on it, from Meowma

Things Izzy got for Catmas

1.  A letter, from Meowma
2.  Homemade pipe cleaner toys
3.  A gift card to Petsmart, from Great Grandpaw and Great Grameow
4.  A pink collar with silver flowers on it, from Meowma

What Izzy and Mikey got for Catmas, to share

1.  Two crinkle catnip toys, from: Meowma
2.  A remote-controlled mouse toy, from: Holly and Hannah (friends of M&I)
3.  Picnic Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
4.  Original Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
5.  Pull-string mouse toy, from:  Opie (friend of M&I)
6.  Bell balls, from: Opie
7.  Bell balls, from: Meowma
8.  Play box, from: Meowma + Grameow
9.  Mixed Grill Crunch Party Mix, from: Meowma
10.  BOLT laser toy

MERRY CATMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas/Catmas/Dogmas, etc.!  What did you/your pets get?  I got a couple I Can Has Cheezburger buttons, I Can Has Cheezburger's Magic Cheezburger, a cat calender, cat beads, LOLspeak t-shirts, violin t-shirts (I play the violin), a new violin, sketching pencils, a jewelery stand, an iPod Touch, a few programming/Photoshop books... well, a lot of loot.  We'll let Mikey and Izzy tell you what they got in a later post.  Oh, and here's a Daily Caught the Moment, above.  That's a picture of Mikey squeezing Izzy.  This is a Caught the Moment because you can see Mikey kicking Izzy, and stuff like that.

23 December, 2009

Daily Caught the Moment

Hi there photo-lovers!  I'm going to do something awesome.  Every day (or at least I'll try to do it every day lol), I will post a "Caught the Moment" photograph of Mikey and/or Izzy.  A "Caught the Moment" pic is a photo that captured a funny, amazing, etc. moment.  Like... I have one of Mikey licking his nose, lol.  So... why don't I start today?

Thank You Google!

I just wanted to thank all the great people behind Google.  Google's blogging website, Blogger, is what powers The Kitteh Newz.  I really enjoy their mail system, Gmail.  Google Apps allowed me to get "" at the end of my email address, and some other secret stuff that I'll announce later.  

Oh, and did I forget to mention that tomorrow is Catmas Eve?   M&I's Grameow has showed me the Catmas Tree over Skype (I'm with their Grandpaw right now), and under it are lots of presents!  I do love my Skype.  Skype is epic.  Epicly epic.  Even though Epicly isn't a word.  EPICLY EPIC JUST SOUNDS SO...  EPICLY EPIC!



13 December, 2009

Fun Pictures + Catmas Facts!

Mikey and Izzy currently have the most presents under the Christmas tree.

Mikey likes stealing gifts from under the tree.

Only 11 days till Santa Paws comes down the chimney! (we don't have a chimney... so... uh, through the wall? I am puzzled)

We're getting a new couch!  Woohoo!

We have a squirt bottle sitting under the tree for any kitties trying to get on the naughty list. (chewing branchings, batting ornaments, etc.)

There are ten gifts under our tree: one for M&I's Grameow, seven for Mikey and Izzy, one for just Izzy, and one for just Mikey.

There are four stockings on the wall: mine, Grameow's, Mikey's, and Izzy's.

The tree lights are turned on as I write this.  (OK, maybe that's not very fascinating.) 

I have made many Catmas-colored toys for my fuzzy babies -  I made a red and green candy cane-shaped pipe cleaner toy that Izzy adores.

Mikey just fell off the kitty condo -- don't worry, he landed on his paws.  (But it was a high fall: from the third level! [I guess this isn't very Catmas-y, but whatever)

Maybe I should start telling you about these photos.

On top is Izzy looking out the window.

Next is Mikey asking for belly rubs.
The third one:  Mikey's got his dangle toy.

Fourth, Mikeymikes is sitting on his food mat.

In the fifth picture there, Mikey is trying to convince us how tasty fur-cookies might be.  (We baked cookies, and Mikey wanted to see them too!)

Next, there's my Mikey baby, stealing some beads from my jewelry table.


Hey, in the comments section, tell me what you're celebrating! Catmas, Dogmas, Ferretmas, Birdmas, Fishmas, etc.! 

See you next time!


Ohmehgosh TIE!!!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  I've been soooo busy with Christmas Catmas stuff.  Sending cards, writing letters, stuffing stockings, buying and wrapping gifts, etc.  This year Izzy and Mikey get their own stockings.  But ANYWAY...... 

Izzy's Witch
  3 (50%)
Mikey's Little Red Napping Hood
  3 (50%)

So... you see that.  Tie.  Again.  The Meow-o-ween (yes, I know it's Catmas now =P) battle for best costume still continue

23 November, 2009

The Battle Goes On

Well, here I am, Newzing in Switzerland...

So, the battle for the best Meow-o-ween costume still goes on.  Izzy's Witch and Mikey's Little Red Napping Hood are the ones left.

I will post a poll with those two.  If there is a tie again, I will re-post the poll as many times as I need to.

Good luck Mikey in your red, silly, crazy-cute little hat.
Good luck Izzy in your black, squee, magical outfit.

11 November, 2009

Dude... Wait, what?

O'hai fellow hoomins! (And kitehs, too, of course.  Doggehs and otherz also welcome.)  Ever heard the expression, "Dude... Wait, what?"  I've heard it was from a movie, but I don't know which.  Anyway, Mikey made the "dude wait what face."  Here it is.  Drum roll please.










10 November, 2009

Meowma's New Email!

Hi there readers.  I is so excited to tells you that you can now has a new email address to email!!!!  Not that that are really exciting, but you know how getting a new email is.  Especially one that has your website on the end, like Meowma's new email!  Her new email address is .

She say she want everybody to emails her at that one now.

Love, Mikey

08 November, 2009

"I want a nickname for my furry, whiskered, adorable Kitteh!"

O'hai!  Who wantz a nickname 4 the Kittehz in their home?  Meowma has made a kewl quiz 2 see which nickname is right 4 ur lil furry babiez.  Here it iz.  Hover over teh deskripshon 2 c da kwesjun.

Our Fans' Favorite Meow-o-ween Costumes!

O'hai, o'hai!

We have seen lots of you headed off to the polls... for Election Day... and Meow-o-ween, too.  You may have noticed the 'What's your fave Kitteh costume' polls on the side of your favorite Newz website.  (That's newz, not news.  Don't get 'em confused.)  We do hope you had time to go to the Vote For Your Favorite Kitteh Halloween Costume post and vote on your favorite costume via polls.

Anyway, here are the winners!!!

For Izzy's costume, we are tied between Witch and Ghost Collar!!
For Mikey's costume, our winner is Witch!!

And for the all-time favorite costume... we are tied between Mikey's Witch, Mikey's Little Red Napping Hood, and Izzy's Witch!

Soon we will put up a poll to choose the favorite between our winners.  These were only the beginning...

Happy voting.

--Mikey, Izzy, and Meowma

31 October, 2009


Happeh Meow-o-ween to aaaallllll da kitehs in dah wurld!!!  Hay.. ges wut?  T00 daiz agoe, it wuz nashunul kittah dai!  (Dat's National Cat Day 2 dah hoominsz.)   YAY!

28 October, 2009

Ooh.. Sparkly..

Iz da sparkl teckst!  Goh 2 teh 2 getz yor Gliddr Graffik Teckst!  Eeet ar beeh SHINEYZ!

21 October, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

O'hai!  We are back from Virginia!  Boy, did we have...


But of course, it is good to be home.  Mikey and Izzy were happy to see us...  all of MIW were.  Woah!  Mikey just fell off the table!

With love,


15 October, 2009

Colonial Kittehs!


Here I am in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  We have seen lots of stray cats here!  I believe three to be exact.  I call them... Colonial Kittehs!!   I miss you sooo much, Izzy and Mikey!  I wonder how successful Holly and Hannah's humans have been on Izster's flea medication... Thx 4 taking care of 'em, H&H's Meowma and Pawpa!

10 October, 2009

And the winners are...

DRRRRRRRUM ROLL PLEASE!! *patpatpatpatpat* LOUDER!!! *boombangbongboom* AAAHH THAT'S TOO LOUD!!!!! OK, OK, yeah. Congratulations to the three winners of my Story Contest! Yay!! *dancedancedance* Hoorah!! *lalalala* WOOHOO!! *squeal*

With her 1st place Strange entry, Fairiegirlq explains her cat Squeak's interesting friend:

OK so a couple years ago my cat Squeak seemed to have a deer friend, that's right two E's not e a. they had this little game hmmm let me think I cant really remember but I think it involved them running after each other and sort of "tagging" each other and sometimes his friend would come near the deck and sometimes the might go over the fence or something I'm not sure anyway it was pretty cool and funny and weird.

And Polkadotgirlie, with her 1st place Funny entry, explains how she'd never expected her new dog, Sadie to be so big:

We are in Colorado now, and we are going to pick up our new dog, Sadie!
She is a labradoodle and we are pretty sure she will be apricot colored and curly.
When we got to the live cargo building, ( I am not sure if it is called that!) there
were 3 dogs there. There were 2 curly apricot ones, one big, one little, and this
one black tiny dog that was barking. The black one and the little apricot one
were up at the front of their kennel, jumping and barking their tiny barks. The
big apricot one, however, was curled up at the back of the kennel and was looking
at us. We thought sadie was the tiny apricot one, because we had seen pictures of her,
and she was pretty small. The black one got handed out, and we were waiting to take
home the tiny apricot one, and then she got handed out to another person! When we
got to the Big apricot one, they called out our name! I never thought she would be that big!

And last but not least, Cida Justen explains in her 1st place Amazing entry how her dog Lindinha understood that a kitten needed help:

My Dear Dog Lindinha
By Cida Justen

It is amazing , a little dog that behaves like a wise, mature person, at least sometimes. Just like many other little dogs, Lindinha has been spoiled by all the love and attention that we have been giving her since she first came to our family 8 years ago. Even though she is less than a foot tall and weighs around 7 pounds, she thinks she is the owner of the house, and that you are there to serve her. The most outstanding thing in her personality is her craziness for food, which makes her a truly professional beggar. We always knew that she could understand what was happening around her to a certain level, but we never thought she was able to behave according to it.
Making a long story short, this is what happened. One morning, just like any other morning, my mother took Lindinha to a walk up the hill. On their way back home, my mother found this little, hungry and apparently sick kitten which she decided to take home for a few days. Well, when the three of them, the cat, Lindinha and my mother got home, my mother was sure that it was going to be a problem to try to feed the kitten because of Lindinha’s craziness for food. So, she looked at Lindinha and explained to her that the kitten was going to stay at the house for couple days until it got better and until she could find a nice person to take care of him. Them, she put on the porch of the house some dry food, water, and milk, which Lindinha never looked at even after the kitten was gone. Isn’t it amazing? She basically understood that the kitten needed help.

07 October, 2009

Vote for your favorite Kitteh Halloween costume!

Above: Mikey's Witch. Left: Izzy's Witch.

Above right: Izzy's Cowgirl. Above left: Mikey's Cowboy.

Above right: Izzy's Little Red Napping Hood. Above left: Mikey's Little Red Napping Hood.

Below: Mikey's Ghost Collar. Right: Izzy's Ghost Collar.

Hi there! Now it's October, and we're all getting ready for Halloween, right? Well, Mikey and Izzy are. Yesterday my mom went to PetSmart to buy food and litter, and also bought cowboy/girl, ghost collar, and witch cat costumes. Here you can vote for your favorite Kitteh costume. Tell me via comments, email or the poll at the top of which one you like the best! Sorry some of the photos got kinda cut off -- just click each pic to view it in a different tab.

Please vote soon!


30 September, 2009

Story Contest!

Good evening! Remember that fun Funny Picture contest I held in June? Well, now it's time for another one. Not a funny picture contest, but a - yup, you guessed it - Story Contest. Email me,, a pet story you have. It can be funny, amazing, or strange... I will have a winner in each "Kittehgory". (That means category.)

It starts on: October 3rd, 2009, at 11:30 EST.
It ends
on: October 10th, 2009, 23:59 EST.

1. Do not submit a story you saw in the news. If you don't have any good ones, you may enter a story of your friend's pet if they say it's O.K. You also may enter a story of an animal at the zoo or in the wild.

2. Tell me which Kittehgory you're submitting your story to. I might be able to figure it out, but I might not so please tell me which.

3. I was wondering when you were going to ask that! Yes, you may submit a funny, amazing and strange story. But submit it under the Kittehgory it would most fit in, e.g. if you had a funny story with a bit of strangeness in it, submit it into Funny.

I hope that covers it all! Good luck!

Oh, wait, that doesn't cover it all. If you don't want your story displayed, let me know and I'll be sure to keep that private - but if you don't want anyone seeing it, don't submit it at all. =) OMG my back is so itchy from being outside, planting that milkweed and porter weed.. O.K., let's get back to the point. Please send in your Google user name with your story. If you don't have a Google account, send in whatever you wanna be called. Alright, that should list everything!

28 September, 2009

Pictures of Mikey and Izzy - then and now

... Izzy - then.
... Mikey - then.

... Mikey - now.
... Izzy - now.

It's been 1 year since we've had Mikey and Izzy - and they've grown so much! We adopted them when they were 2 months and 5 days - now they're 1 year, 2 months, and 6 days. Here are some pictures to compare them. They have brought so much joy in the first year - I love my Kittehs dearly!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡❤❤❤❤

Cute pictures

Hello! Today I've got some adorable pictures to show you. But first, I've got an announcement! Yesterday, 9-27-2009, was the 1 year anniversary of the furry babies living with us!!! Anyway, now for the pics:

... Izzy on the windowsill

... Mikey under his blankie

11 September, 2009

Oh No! Meowma And Grameow Are Sick!

Hi, it's me, Izzy. Meowma and Grameow are sick! :-(

On Monday, Grameow got a fever. She was not feeling well at all. Grameow and Meowma went to the human vet, and I think they said what she probably had was called H1N1. I think it's also called Swine Flu or something like that. Then, on Thursday morning at around 3 a.m., Meowma got a fever too. Later that morning they went to the human vet again, and it seemed like Meowma probably had the same thing. Now they have to stay home, eat popsicles, drink lots and lots of water and juice, take lots of naps/rests, etc. Since they're sick, they're kinda on our schedule now - nap throughout the day, only leave the house to go to the doctor... Mikey and I have been trying to comfort them, and they said we are doing a good job.

10 September, 2009

Do you have CAVE MONSTERS?

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in a little while! I've just been so busy.. Anyway, I've got something interesting in my house - CAVE MONSTERS. Cave Monsters are furry little creatures that live in your house and make you laugh, cheer you up, etc. I've got some pictures of on of my Cave Monsters.

18 August, 2009

Mai nu yootoobz akownt!

Hai reedrz! Iz mii, Mikey. I haz nu YOOTOOBZ AKOWNT! Meowma maded it 4 meez. I haz 1 veedeeo so fr. Enywaiz, heer et iz:



14 August, 2009

Back again/Aww/Thank you, Izzy!

Grampaw and I came back from our 5-day hiking/camping trip on Tuesday, the 11th. It was awesome!! We ate wild blueberries, strawberries, and thimbleberries. We stayed at Lake Richie, Moskey Basin, Daisy Farm, Threemile, and Rock Harbor Lodge. We had so much fun!

Also, just a few minutes ago, Mikenstein was sitting on the coffee table. Then, he jumped on the couch, curled up next to me, rolled over onto his back, and started purring. I gave him belly rubs and he almost seemed to smile at me. Such a sweetiepie.

Another thing. Izzy was sitting on level 3 of MIW Mountain (the cat condo) , but she was kinda lying on the edge. I was about to scoot her over when she scooted up and turned around herself. Silly girl.


01 August, 2009

Off again!

Whew, we travel A LOT! Mikey and Izzy's Grampaw and I are headed to Isle Royale for about a week. Golly, the 'kids' must be wondering why we go bye-bye so much!

22 July, 2009

Birfdai Kake!

It r be owr birfdai. We shur Meowma awlreddy pozt'd baowt dat, huh? Enywaiz, we iz sew hapi wif owr fudz! IT WUZ TEH BIRFDAI KAKEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Et leezt, dat iz whut Meowma sayed. It hadded a kandel in itz, sew dat meens it r birfdai kake, rites? Whuteva. We nommed it down likez we wuz wulfz. Meowma and Grameow go 'heeheeheehee!' We no kno y.

Wif teh luvs,
Yekim and Yzzi (Mikey and Izzy)

Happy Birthday, Mikey and Izzy!!!!

Hooray!  Mikey and Izzy are 1!!!!  Happy birthday, my furry babies!

20 July, 2009

The Kitteh Tower Is Here!

A long, long time ago,
I can still remember,
When those posts
Never made me smile.
But I knew that there was a chance,
That I could make those kittens dance,
And maybe they'd be up high
For a while.
But good old July made me shiver,
With every piece of Kitteh Newz I'd deliver,
Time running out on my doorstep,
I couldn't take one more step,
I can't remember if I cried
When I saw the big box, oh so wide
But something touched me deep inside
The day the kitty condo arrived.

Yes, it is what you think it is. A parody to Don McLean's American Pie. The new Kitteh condo just arrived a few days ago! Here are some pics:

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