14 April, 2009

Book Recommendation

I highly recommend the book "Devious Book for Cats". It is a parody of the books "Daring Book for Girls" and "Dangerous Book for Boys". It is very funny. It is written as if cats will be reading it, such as parts like "Hooray! Mission accomplished. By now your person is probably off to by a new computer, and not to mention cat treats". I think it is a wonderful book that any cat lover will enjoy. It is called "Devious Book for Cats". You really should go get it!


Fluffy and Bonkers said...

Why thank you Kitteh Newz, awfully nice of you to say.

Mikey and Izzy probably don't need us to find out all the Devious stuff but maybe we can get them on the path quicker.

Best Wishes,
Fluffy and Bonkers

happymom said...

I think this is super cool that Fluffy and Bonkers read your blog. I hope they keep coming back to hear all about Izzy and Mikey.

Hermione Granger said...

Yea, we know, Grameow. But it's not necessary to scream like a qwerty uiop asd fghjkl zxcvb nm!!! We can tell ears are not going to be the best pets for you, you will scare them to death!!! You already hurt ours, anyways.

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