09 July, 2009

Woah...You're HOME!!!

Translation of what M and I were saying on Monday night:

Mikey: "Hey, Izzy, I hear something!"
Izzy: "What do you think it is?"
Mikey: "It sounds like the garage, you know?"
Izzy: "You're right, it does!"
[I come running in]
Mikey and Izzy (at the same time): "MEOWMA!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: "Aw, hey guys! I missed you so much!"
Mikey and Izzy (at the same time): "We missed you too, Meowma!"

So, yes. Grameow and I came home late Monday night. We survived our 3-week travel, going to Illinois, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado! Whew! Now we are just resting and catching up on sleep. We had a fun time, but it is good to be home.

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