25 December, 2009

MERRY CATMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas/Catmas/Dogmas, etc.!  What did you/your pets get?  I got a couple I Can Has Cheezburger buttons, I Can Has Cheezburger's Magic Cheezburger, a cat calender, cat beads, LOLspeak t-shirts, violin t-shirts (I play the violin), a new violin, sketching pencils, a jewelery stand, an iPod Touch, a few programming/Photoshop books... well, a lot of loot.  We'll let Mikey and Izzy tell you what they got in a later post.  Oh, and here's a Daily Caught the Moment, above.  That's a picture of Mikey squeezing Izzy.  This is a Caught the Moment because you can see Mikey kicking Izzy, and stuff like that.

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