25 December, 2009

What Izzy and Mikey got for Catmas, to share

1.  Two crinkle catnip toys, from: Meowma
2.  A remote-controlled mouse toy, from: Holly and Hannah (friends of M&I)
3.  Picnic Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
4.  Original Crunch Party Mix, from: Holly and Hannah
5.  Pull-string mouse toy, from:  Opie (friend of M&I)
6.  Bell balls, from: Opie
7.  Bell balls, from: Meowma
8.  Play box, from: Meowma + Grameow
9.  Mixed Grill Crunch Party Mix, from: Meowma
10.  BOLT laser toy


Unknown said...

To coin a Meowma statement: Epicly Epic! Hannah and Holly are busy rubbing themselves around on the rug with the catnip that Mikey and Izzy gave them for Catmas. They also play with their new dangle toy, especially at night when their Hoomans are sleeping. Thank you Mikey and Izzy for the catlicious/batdangling Catmas presents!

Hermione Granger said...

Thx, jbeagles1! We iz glad dat ur kittehz like teh katnip n dangley toi dat we gavez dem.

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