08 June, 2009

Come Explore Kitty City!

Mikey, sticking his paw out of a box house!
It's got a flap!
Inside a box house!
A box house!
Paws for Pleasure Kitty City Gourmet Food!
A box house!
Mikey, in a box house!
The toy store!

I made a little town for Mikey and Izzy. I call it... Kitty City! Here are some photos!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Aren't you two lucky kittehs! We sure like the "flap" and the "toy store". Are you allowed to eat in the box house?

Our Mama and Papa could take some lessons from your Mama and Grameow to keep us sufficiently entertained. We only have one box and it has become ho-hum boring. We do like to take naps there on occasion, or antagonize each other from within.

-Hannah and Holly Frost

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