01 June, 2009

What Do YOU Think?

This is the Kitteh Tower that I am thinking of getting them. It is getting great reviews, and you can read them by going to and clicking "Read Reviews". Leave a comment and tell me if you give it a thumbs up, thumbs down, so-so, or an "i dunno".


Hermione Granger said...

Ooh, Meowma, that looks FUN!!! We give it a thumbs up, even though we don't have thumbs.

happymom said...

You both are such smart cookies! And really funny too! We are making a plan for your birthday!

Unknown said...

We like it...lots of high climbing opportunities; places to take a wee rest; and toys, too! Wish we had one, but we don't have room. Our Mama and Papa Frost like it also. You are very lucky felines indeed!

-Hannah and Holly Frost

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