09 January, 2010

Happy Mew Year!

Happy MEW year to all of you! 

Sorry I haven't posted in, like, forever!  First came Catmas.  Then a party.  Then New Mew Year's Eve - and the family.  My grandparents, aunt, uncle, and two cousins came.  I was SHOCKED when Izzy let my 3 1/2-year-old cousin pet her.  My 10-month-old cousin ADORED Mikey, and would follow him from room to room.  However, Mikey kept safe.  He can run faster than my cousin can crawl.  If my cousin was crying, I would go find Mikey.  When I would hold Mikey in my arms and bring him up to my cousin, the crying would instantly turn into smiles and giggles, as Mikey tried to squirm away from the little hands pulling at his fur and smushing his ears.

Happy Mew Year.  Hope your holiday season went well, and have a wonderful 2010!


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