11 February, 2010

Happeh Erlee Meowentine's Day!

Hai!  IT'S MEOWMA!  Did you MISS ME?????????????  Sorry I have not posted in a while!  So busy...

Happy early Meowentine's Day!  Who's your kitty's meowentine?

"Mikey and that spotty kitty sitting on a cat tree... G-r-o-o-m-i-n-g," Izzy teased.  "I didn't even MEET that tortoiseshell girl at the shelter!  Meowma only told me about her," Mikey defended.  Izzy laughed and jumped down from the bed.  "Come get me.... you know you wanna sniff mah booty!"  Mikey growled and stumbled down the blankets.  His claws clattered against the hardwood floor as he raced towards his brown tabby sister.  He ran into Grameow's bedroom and pounced at Izzy's tail.  Izzy whipped around and thrashed her claws.  Mikey lied on the ground, his eyes wide and tail thumping.  "OK, OK, I admit, that tortoiseshell was pretty and seemed really nice!  AND YES, I LIKE HER!  STOP ATTACKING ME NOW!"  He ran under the bed, only his muzzle sticking out.  "Who's your meowentine?" he whimpered.   Izzy purred and rubbed against Mikey's whiskers.  "I know meowentines aren't usually within families," she mewled, "but... you're my meowentine."  Mikey felt a warm brush of love waft through his heart.   "You know," he mrrowed, "You're... you're... you're my meowentine too."

Aww... a love story.

Bye!  Gotta go PWN Grameow in chess!  Let's see how much mah chess class has paid offz...


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