10 May, 2009

Mikey Goes Up High

Man, is Mikey a furball of surprises. On Friday, we rearranged the living room and put the leather chair in the corner, next to the entertainment stand. I was looking at my pictures on iPhoto and using one of the ottomans for a foot rest. Mikey got up on the foot rest and was curiously staring at the entertainment stand. He got on the chair arm and put his paws on the side of the stand. He got back on the ottoman and (drum roll please)... JUMPED UP ONTO THE ENTERTAINMENT STAND, YES HE DID!!! All four of us, me, Mikey, Izzy, and my mom, we so OMG, WHAT THE HECK?

1 comment:

Hermione Granger said...

Yup, that's right! It was a lovely view!

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