06 May, 2009

Oh My Gosh... Wow, Mikey

Man, Mikey is a silly little Kitteh full of surprises!  You know how I told you about him putting his paws up on the ledge of the bathtub?  Well, he did that again last time I got in the bath.  But this time (drum roll please) ...
YES, HE ACTUALLY WENT IN THE TUB.  I was like so LOL'd.  He got up on the ledge, his whole body this time, and I'm not sure if he fell in, or jumped, or half of each... but he went in the tub this time.  It was almost like he bounced on the water and hopped out.  As I was wrapping him in a towel he had this horrified/super-scared look on his face.  We (meaning Izzy, Mikey, me, and my mom) were all like "Oh... my, gosh?!"  Super silly Kittehs!

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