10 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 3: Kitchen

Welcome back to Room Tours.  Today we will be exploring the Kitteh use of the Kitchen.

The Kitchen holds many prized possessions of Mikey and Izzy, including the counters, the stove, the counter/desk, the paper towels, water glasses (sometimes), and their food bowls.

Mikey adores the counters so much that I like to call them his "Mountain Top".  He'll just sit up there and plop himself down and watch over the house.  Adorable.

Mikey also enjoys the stove area.  For some reason, he only goes over there when and where it's not hot.  I guess he's smart and knows that it is hot, maybe.

Both Izzy and Mikey are very fond of the counter-desk.  It is part of the counter but it is a little shorter, we have a chair by it, and we call it the Kitchen Desk.  There's a window by it, which the Kittehs love to look out of.

I don't need to explain this very much:  Mikey loves to eat paper.  I don't know why.  But he does. ♥

Mikey (and sometimes Izzy) will often sniff-or even drink out of-water glasses.  Once, he got up on the counter and sniffed my water glass, and then decided it was time to lap it up.  Below is a picture of that exact time.

Since this morning,  I have fed them on the counter/desk because I read somewhere that cats feel safer eating up high.  They are free-fed, even though Mikey is getting a little round (I can edit this if you feel embarrassed, Mikey) and Izzy has a long-belly (I can edit this as well if YOU feel embarrassed, Izzy).  They have dry food and any left-overs of wet food left out the whole day.  My mom feeds them wet food whenever she wakes up (which on normal days is around 7 a.m.), unless I'm already up and fed them.  Then at 5 p.m. I feed them dinner.

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Hermione Granger said...

It's ok, we don't feel embarrassed. We just hope everyone figures out that we are working on our weight and progressing. Slowly but surely.

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