11 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 4: Guest Room

Welcome to another episode of Room Tours.  Today we will be wandering about in the Guest Room.

The Kittehs adore the guest room.  It has the guest bed, 2 windows, a side table, and a lamp.

Izzy loves to sleep on and under the guest bed, and Mikey loves to play and sleep on it.

Izzy is able to get up high, so she can get on the windowsill that doesn't have anything underneath it.  Mikey needs the help of the bed to get on the other one.  They like to sit on the headboard and look out the window.

The don't do much on the side table, except for sometimes Mikey plays with the lamp, since it is one of those lamps with a bead string thingy to pull to turn it on.

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