11 May, 2009

Hair balls...

Hello!  Welcome back to Kitteh Newz.

Today's Question-Have you ever seen your cat do a hair ball?  Let me know in the comments section.

This morning, we noticed Izzy was gagging a little bit.  We followed her, and sure enough, there was a hair ball.   Then I found Mikey eating something.  It was a hair ball.  Then I noticed ANOTHER one by the guest room!  

So let me know-Have YOU ever seen your cat's hair balls?


Hermione Granger said...

Oh yes, hair balls, mhm... hair balls take a lot of concentration, let us tell you that.

happymom said...

I have seen what looks to be regurgitated food on the floor a few times. I have never actually seen hair though, but from what I understand, this is normal and what it looks like. This reminds me, I need to brush my kittehs!

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