07 May, 2009

Room Tours Part 1: Living Room

Welcome episode 1 of Room Tours, where I tour the house and tell you what the Kittehs use it for.  This is episode 1, the Living Room.

The Living Room holds lots of fun for the kittehs.  It has the kitteh condo, the couch, the side table, the coffee table, the ottomans, the entertainment stand, and the comfy brown "sit-pillows (as I call them) ".  

Of course the kitteh condo is lots of fun to climb and relax on.  Izzy loves the kitteh condo during the day, and the ottoman "crack" in the evenings.  Mikey adores the kitteh condo so much, that almost every day we'll find a blob of his fur-even if we vacuumed!  They always get toys stuck under the entertainment stand, and sometimes Mikey will actually crawl under there to get it back.  Mikey and Izzy love laying on the couch, and Izzy especially likes the side pillows.  Mikey likes to plop himself on the side table, especially when a laptop had just been taken off and left a warm spot.  Izzy's main use of the coffee table is to bat pencils and stuff off the side.  They both like the ottomans.  Izzy likes the crack, whereas Mikey plops himself on the side.  When we adopted them, they used to LOVE the sit-pillows to lay on.  Now Mikey does it more than Izzy, which isn't very often.  They have lots of Living Room fun.

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