12 May, 2009

Q Of The Day: Do Your Pets Have Hiding Spots?

Do your pets have hiding spots?  Mustache-man (Mikey) and Cookie (Izzy) sure do.

Mikey's 3 favorite hiding spots:  Behind the leather chair, under the dining room table, and behind the couch.

Izzy's 3 favorite hiding spots: Under the guest bed, behind curtains, and blending in with the covers on Grameow's bed.

So let me know in the comment section: do your pets have hiding spots?

Let me know,


Hermione Granger said...

MEOWMA!!! I DO NOT BLEND IN WITH THE COVERS ON GRAMEOW'S BED!!! You can hardly ever find me on that swirly chair in your office!!!!!! THAT should be my 3rd one.

Hope you understand,

Unknown said...

Hannah and Holly love to hide in closets, behind curtains, and under the bed. I especially like it when Hannah only hides her upper body behind the curtain..."you can't see me now!"

Hermione Granger said...

Mikey does that sometimes, too. They just remind you of little kids trying to play hide-and-go-seek, don't they? It's adorable.

Epic_duck said...

Hmmm... Leopard likes hiding under my brothers bed , but shes not really the hiding type. She often just thunders(Cats are sposed to be graceful, but she SO isnt :D) down the hallway instead of hiding. And there used to be this dolls bed thing outside my room, and Spot would spy on me, but if I looked her way, in a flash she'd just be a harmless tail poking out :D

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