09 May, 2009

Your Votes Count

Welcome back to Kitteh Newz!  Mikey and Izzy's birthday is July 22nd, and I am trying to figure out what to buy them.  I know I am going to get them a new Kitteh Condo, a bigger one.  But I cannot decide which one to get!  I have been looking around lately.  Anyways, these are some of the Kitteh Condos I am considering.  In your comments, please tell me which one you think would be best.  Izzy loves to climb to high places and bat things, and Mikey loves to relax and sleep as well as batting and chasing things.

Tall Kitteh Perch Condo with hanging toy
Smallish Kitteh Perches with hanging toy

3 Kitteh Perches with 3-hole condo

Active super-entertaining Kitteh Gym with Perches and 2 hanging toys


Mikey and Izzy said...

Gee, Meowma, we think the Active Super-Entertaining Kitteh Gym With Perches And 2 Hanging Toys looks fun! We could go through the tunnels, bat the toys, sleep, everything! But we think all of them look real neat. We can't decide either!

happymom said...

I do think that one seems pretty cool, but I'm just undecided. Are there any taller ones?

Hermione Granger said...

Our friends, Holly and Hannah, said they like the first one. Just so ya know, Meowma.

Epic_duck said...

The last one! Its epicer than the others :D The 1st 2 look bland and the 3rd dont have none hangy-things :)

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